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Liz Paull


Hi there! I’m Liz, a seasoned physiotherapist with a passion for helping you achieve your physical goals, be it to move with greater freedom, with less pain or whether you are just after some guidance and education.I first started my career in the exercise and sport science space. Coming from a childhood of heavy training sessions, gym training, events and competition in a number of sports, I knew I wanted to understand physical movements and conditioning. I began working in boutique rehabilitation spaces and incorporating extra skills in massage. However, I quickly discovered that the human body could often be crippled with injuries, and I failed to understand how to help my clients. So, I pursued further study in Physiotherapy which has been a rewarding journey.I now have two decades of hands-on experience as a physiotherapist. I have been fortunate enough to have worked in some dream locations, for instance, in the ski fields of Australia and Japan. I have travelled overseas with sporting teams and been on the sideline of many competitive sporting events.Throughout my years, I have also had the pleasure of nurturing the next generation of physiotherapists, spending a portion of my time teaching at university. My skills in the learning and teaching space have led me to becoming a part of the ‘village’ at the Australian Physiotherapy Council, contributing to the assessment of overseas trained physiotherapists.While I am busy with my many roles, I greatly value the opportunity to make personal connections with my clients and take the time to understand the uniqueness of their presentation. I strive to adapt and deliver to each individual and have been known to do a happy dance in the background when I see a client reach a greater sense of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.