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Nicoletta Bassi


Nicoletta is an enthusiastic Physiotherapist with a background in Exercise Physiology. She studied her Doctorate of Physiotherapy and Bond University after working for 14 years as Exercise Physiologist in Italy and in the US across different populations, from the elderly to high performance athletes. She moved to Australia last year to finish her Doctorate after living for 3 years in the US and she is loving  the Australian beaches and wildlife (especially the koalas!)

Nicoletta has a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology and Master in Sport Science for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. As she has a well versed background of skills, she takes a holistic approach to her patients, which is based around manual therapy and exercise prescription to ensure the best outcomes and achieve patient’s goals. She is passionate about working with chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries and strength and conditioning to return to sports. She also loves teaching classes to all age groups in areas such as general strengthening, Pilates and Hydrotherapy.

In her free time, you can find Nicoletta relaxing at the beach, walking in nature, cuddling with her shitzu, Merlino, or lifting weights at the gym!